Reiki: Good or bad?

Is There a Dark Side to Reiki?

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By Kim Hutchinson Recently, I read a Facebook post from a healing colleague about the hidden dangers of Reiki. I was surprised by the assertions which basically said that Reiki energy was from a lower vibration and that it harmed, rather than healed, people. While this point of view didn’t resonate with me, it piqued my curiosity. I wondered what […]

World Angel Summit

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Experience the Power of Angels Hay House, along with Doreen Virtue and friends, have created the first World Angel Summit. This online event will offer many practical tips for working with the angels to add joy and healing to your life. There will be at least 2 lessons each day which will be available to listen to […]

Ascension Dreams

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By Kim Hutchinson As collective consciousness continues to rise on this planet, so too do the number of precognitive dreams we have. Recently, I’ve had a spate of lucid dreams containing vivid ascension visions. The messages conveyed in these dreams speak of all aspects of our ascension process, from the preparation, to the event, to our life […]

Delicious Nutritious Smoothies

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By Kim Hutchinson According to my Dad, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past thirty years, everyone knows about, and has partaken in, the nutrient-packed wonder that is the breakfast smoothie. OK, so admittedly Steve and I were uber slow to hop on board the smoothie lifestyle train, but we’re making up for […]


Politics, Soul Ages and the Bifurcation of Worlds

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By Kim Hutchinson Preface: I wrote this article to help people who are unhappy with this week’s American election results. I hope it brings you peace and understanding. The Election   Wednesday morning when I awoke to news of Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the position of President of the United States my first reaction was […]

Ascension Update: Fall 2016

Sept. 2016: Powerful Ascension Shifts and Symptoms

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By Kim Hutchinson If you’re anything like me, then you probably look and feel like you’ve just pulled an all-nighter chaperoning a five year old’s sleepover birthday party. You know the look…frazzled, exhausted, and feeling too stunned to care about anything. This has been one of the most intense and challenging months in the ascension […]

Spirit Art Creations

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By Kim Hutchinson I’ve been taking a much-needed break from healing in order to recharge my batteries through creativity. (You know what they say…healer heal thyself.) And so, here are some of my creations. I will continue to add to these categories as well as to create more.  If you want to see all of my creations, […]

Riverview Holistic Fair: Sept. 24-25, 2016

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The Riverview Holistic Fair is a bi-annual weekend gathering of local holistic practitioners and suppliers offering their services and products designed to heal your mind, body and spirit with love. This includes free talks and interactive exhibits (i.e. alternative health care; energy healing modalities, and intuitive readings), all in a relaxing environment. Admission: $5. Discounts […]

Energy Healing for Cats

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Steve’s cat healing skills are featured in this month’s edition of Global Pet Foods NB newsletter. This very informative article was written by our friend, and Storyhealer, Kathy Mercure. “Cats are sponges for the energies they feel around them. They seem to have an innate ability to heal and not be affected. But, if they […]

Healing Haikus

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Wake within the dream Discover hidden knowledge That will change your life The freedom to be Is a most wonderful gift To give to yourself Set your paradigm Inwardly and outwardly To be filled with Love Sit still in nature Release all pent up tensions Let inner peace bloom Focus on yourself Be more loving, […]

Ascension Waves Vision

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By Kim Hutchinson There’s a buzz on the internet these days. Many people are sharing visions of our upcoming transition into the fifth dimension. The common theme foretells of three waves washing over the planet.  Although I believe that the prophesized waves are comprised of light rather than water, this calls to mind several visions […]

Healing Haikus

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The true love you are Unconditionally waits For you to notice People do their best (The best they can) – forgive them When they make mistakes Life waits for no one It is here, it is now. Jump In with open heart Live your potential For it’s in your potential That you find yourself Dreams […]