Application Form: April 21-22, 2018

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Briefly (in 2 - 3 sentences) tell us what you do and/or what you will offer at the fair. If your application is approved, we will post this on the website.



Standard Weekend Booth - $130
SIZE: 10' x 8'
INCLUDES: 1 table & 2 chairs

End / Corner Weekend Booth - $150
SIZE: 10' x 8'
INCLUDES: 2 tables & 2+ chairs

Preferred Booth Number:
We cannot guarantee you the booth of your choice due to high demand.


Electricity: $15
You must supply your own power cord/s.


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Shared Booth - $25 extra

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Briefly tell us what your co-exhibitor does, and/or will offer at the fair.

If your co-exhibitor would like to give a talk, be a sponsor, place cards on the literature table, please ask him/her to contact us.


NEW: Talk Schedule
Length: 30 minutes


Saturday - $20
Sunday- $20
Both Days - $30

Time NEW!

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Please tell us what your talk(s) is/are about. We will post this info on the website.

Literature Table

Check the box below to display your business cards or brochures on the literature table at the front of the room.

Display Space - $10


Being a fair sponsor gives your business added exposure. Your choice is to have your logo added to our poster and/or have it featured on the front page of our website.

Light: Website only- $20
Full: Posters & Website - $50

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