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Below is information on how to become an Angel Card reader.

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How to Give Angel Card Readings

Become a Certified Angel Card Reader: Online Video Course

Open your intuition and natural spiritual abilities to receive accurate information during your card readings with an in-depth 6-week online video course with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Learn from the experts and gain a deeper spiritual connection, expand your intuitive skills and access the guidance you need to make important decisions in your life. 

Couse Outline

The intention of this course and what you’ll accomplish

  • How to prepare your cards by consecrating, clearing the energy and blessing
  • How to properly shuffle, lay out and store cards after a reading, including how to deal with a jumping card, upside down card, and who should and should not touch your cards
  • How Tarot became mysterious and secret vs. in the light and the language of the divine

Lesson One: Trusting Your Cards, One and Three Card Readings

This first learning module focuses on the key elements about the Tarot and Oracle cards and card readings including:

What questions the cards answer

  • How to get the real question from you or your client
  • How to choose the right card
  • Interpreting the cards’ true meanings
  • In-depth One-Card reading
  • In-depth Three Card reading and examples
  • How to interpret cards that are not clear
  • Which card decks are best for various types of readings
  • Working with multiple card decks simultaneously to receive detailed answers
  • Counseling clients

Lesson Two: Take Your Readings to the Next Level

This module is all about the reading and how you tap into your spiritual intuition and spiritual senses to deliver an accurate and detailed card reading. You’ll learn these important strategies in reading cards:

  • How to prepare yourself and your cards for an accurate reading
  • Understand the importance of using “Blah!” during readings
  • How to interact with the cards during a reading
  • How to answer other people’s questions accurately
  • Decipher which card deck to use for different types of readings
  • Tarot cards vs. Oracle cards and when to use each type
  • Missing or extra cards
  • What to do if a reading doesn’t make sense

Lesson Three: Love, Life Purpose and Health: Finding your answers

Learn how to use the cards to answer questions about love, life purpose and health. This module contains important expert advice about doing readings for specific questions. You’ll learn:

  • How to move past your ego and insecurities
  • Readings for Career vs. Spiritual Path readings
  • Readings for Life Purpose
  • Example of Life Purpose reading using two card decks

Lesson Four: Romance Readings

Should you stay or should you go? Is he/she right for me? This module is all about love and romance and finding the truth. Doreen and Radleigh will walk you through:

  • Integrating spiritual counseling and psychic sleuthing into your readings
  • Advising on specific questions about romance and how to attract a healthy partner
  • A three card reading example for romantic relationships
  • Pulling extra cards for clarity
  • Pulling a double card reading for in-depth advice for the single and looking

Lesson Five: Guidelines for Health Readings

Health questions are important and common for card readers and there are some important guidelines to follow when giving these types of readings. You’ll learn:

  • Detailed guidelines for health readings
  • Preparation and Meditation for health readings
  • A special sacred heart meditation

Lesson Six: Important Considerations for Special Readings

Certain types of readings require a different set of techniques in order to deliver accurate information for you and for your clients. This module will cover readings for special circumstances including:

  • Interpreting a reading on a family and pregnancy
  • Doing a reading while in an altered state and how it affects energy and focus
  • Readings for children
  • Addressing questions about specializing in one type of healing or narrowing down from many interests
  • How to release the pressure after a reading
  • Dealing with intense feelings during a reading
  • Interpreting special cards like emperor and empress cards
  • How to deliver bad news in a gentle, loving manner

Resources: Building a Spiritually Based Career

Doreen and Radleigh discuss how you can create a spiritual based career that is fulfilling and aligned with your life’s purpose. Topics include:

  • Building a business as a Certified Angel Card Reader™
  • Marketing guidance to help you attract clients
  • Using speaking engagements, festivals, book stores to help kick start your business
  • How to do readings by phone or online
  • How to give professional readings
  • Card reading ethics, support and community

In addition to these 6 lessons, you’ll also receive:

For the first time: Every single card in the Life Purpose Oracle Card deck and the Angel Tarot Card deck will be explained in detail by Doreen and Radleigh. 

  • A Certified Angel Card Readers Facebook Page for support and additional resources
  • A Certified Angel Card Reader Certificate
  • Additional Resources for card reading and building a spiritual based career
  • Soothing meditation keyboard music of Michael Robinson, a long-time channeler of Archangel Michael’s healing energy and messages during the course

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