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Angel Healing

Kim's Multidimensional Healing with the Angels at the Crystal Palace

How Kim Heals with Angels

With the help of the angels and her training as a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Kim has developed her own healing modality, called Multidimensional Healing. Working with the archangels and the patient's guardian angels, Kim is able to send powerful but loving healing energy over great distances. She can visualize your energy field and help the angels to heal any disturbances in your aura and chakra system. Much information is gathered during this process, and these insights can be helpful in the healing process.

Distance Healing

Spirit (angels, souls, and energy) are not restricted by time and space. They can heal you anywhere in the world. And since Spirit isn't restricted by the concept of distance, Kim's soul is able to connect with and heal you, no matter where you live. In fact, on a quantum level, third dimensional distance actually strengthens the healing process.

Angel Healing is a relaxing yet powerful modality. Kim works with Archangel Raphael and his team of angelic healers, along with your guardian angels, to heal you on all levels (mind, body, and spirit) in all directions of time. If you are truly ready to transcend your old beliefs and are open to receiving all the blessings of this divine healing Light, then your healing session may also come with an awakening; an ascension in consciousness; the reconnection with your Spirit Lightbody, and infinitely more possibilities. Remember that nothing is impossible with angels.

Dream Healing

During the healing process, Kim is in either a deep meditative state or a dream state. She acts as a facilitator and witness for healing while the angels are performing the actual healing. Kim will also assist the angels with the healing, as required. Being in a dream state, Kim is able to leave behind her ego and left brain limitations. With your soul, she enters the realm of no-time, where everything happens in the Now. In this spiritual space, it is possible to heal any condition you desire to release.

Angels of Healing

Kim will call on your Guardian Angels along with the following Archangels of Healing: Raphael, Michael, Metatron, Jophiel, Raziel, and any other archangel who feels drawn to assist you.

Working with the angels, Kim will remotely scan your aura and chakra system for anomalies. She will then invite the Archangels - primarily Raphael, Michael, Jophiel, Metatron, and Raziel - to cut your cords of fear; vacuum away all negativity from your energy field and home; send holistic spiritual healing to all levels of your being; beautify your thoughts; balance, align and clear your chakras, and cut your past life cords.

Crystal Palace

Quite likely, Archangel Raphael will take you to the Crystal Palace, an angelic crystalline structure used for sound healing. There, the angels gather in the millions to 'sing their faith'. This glorious choral sound rises to the glass ceiling where healing tables have been installed. Your entire being will reverberate with sound, and those waves of love and light will remove stubborn blockages and 'retune' your energy field to the frequency of Source.

The Crystal Palace is an exquisitely beautiful, soaring edifice comprised of shimmering crystals. The facade is translucent and milky white, with glistening shades of violet and the palest pastels. It appears to be alive, flowing like water. (Crystals like these are currently forming in the heart of Mother Earth, and will soon be available to aid with our healing and self-discovery.)

Hark! The *Healing* Angels Sing

Inside, millions of white angelic lightbeings gather to sing their glorious song. Each angel holds a particular note. There are a wide variety of notes being sung, and yet the sound is incredibly pleasing to the ear. When angels are born, they are given a special note. Many angels share the same note, and yet each tone is unique in flavour. This is known as their signature frequency. This sound produces an effect known as harmonic resonance, and harmonic resonance is the key to healing and to the restoration of balance within all realms of creation. It also aids with individual and collective ascension.

Harmonic Resonance

The angels in the Crystal Palace joyfully transmit this harmonic resonance throughout all the layers of creation, but focus most of their attention and energy on our realm as it is most discordant and thus is in need of the most re-tuning. All matter in our dimension is comprised of strings which vibrate and thusly produce a frequency. The harmonic resonance helps to elevate the frequency of the vibration so that everything and everyone is restored to a perfect state of equilibrium.

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