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Archangel Guide

Archangels and Their Roles

Archangel: Ariel

Name Meaning: Lioness of God

Colour: Pale pink

Crystal: Rose Quartz

Assists with: Environment, Oceans, Wild Life, Teachers, Healers, Self-Esteem, Manifesting

Archangel: Azrael

Name Meaning: Whom God helps

Colour: Vanilla cream

Crystal: Yellow Calcite

Assists with: Death, Crossing over, Grief Counseling, Channeling

Archangel: Chamuel

Name Meaning: He who sees/seeks God

Colour: Pale green or pink

Crystal: Fluorite

Assists with: Love, Soulmates, Compassion, Forgiveness, Career, Finding lost things

Archangel: Gabriel

Name Meaning: God is my strength

Colour: Coppery-Orange

Crystal: Carnelian

Assists with: Conception, Adoption, Children, Parenting, Creativity, Communication

Archangel: Haniel

Name Meaning: Grace of God

Colour: Bluish-White

Crystal: Moonstone

Assists with: Moon and life cycles, Harmony, Grace, Inner Quiet, Highest potential 

Archangel: Jeremiel

Name Meaning: Mercy of God/ God uplifts

Colour: Eggplant Purple

Crystal: Amethyst

Assists with: Life Review, Lessons Learned, Changes, Self-Love, Mercy 

Archangel: Jophiel

Name Meaning: Beauty of God

Colour: Deep Pink

Symbol: Rose

Crystal: Pink Tourmaline

Assists with: Beauty, Beautifying your thoughts, Decorating, Feng Shui, Decluttering, Outdoor Clean-up

Archangel: Metatron

Name Meaning: Angel of the Presence

Colours: Violet, Sea Green

Crystal: Watermelon tourmaline

Assists with: Crystal & Rainbow Children, Record Keeping, Organization, Motivation, Priorities, Chakra clearing

Archangel: Michael

Name Meaning: He who is like God

Colour: Cobalt Blue and purple with white sparkles

Crystal: Sugilite 

Assists with: Protection, Fearlessness, Courage, Space Clearing, Life purpose, Justice

Archangel: Nathaniel

Name Meaning: Gift/s of God

Colour: Red

Crystal: Ruby

Assists with: Life’s passion, Divine purpose, Lightning fast change, Spiritual Fire, Guiding us toward our goals

Archangel: Raguel

Name Meaning: Friend of God

Colour: Pale Sky Blue

Crystal: Celestite

Assists with: Relationship Harmony, Conflict Resolution, Fairness 

Archangel: Raphael

Name Meaning: Whom God heals

Colour: Emerald Green

Crystal: Emerald

Assists with: Healing (People, Pets, Spaces), Finding Lost Pets, Travel Protection 

Archangel: Raziel

Name Meaning: Secret of God

Colour: White or Rainbow

Crystal: Clear Quartz

Assists with: Past Life Healing, Esoteric wisdom, Alchemy, Divine Magic 

Archangel: Sandalphon

Name Meaning: Angel of Mercy / Prayer

Colour: Turquoise

Crystal/Stone: Turquoise

Assists with: Answering Prayers, Music, Singing, Dancing

Archangel: Uriel

Name Meaning: Light of God

Colour: Pale Yellow

Crystal: Citrine

Assists with: Intellectual Guidance, Studying, Tests, Students, Problem-Solving, Decision-making, Prophecy, Warnings, and Weather

Archangel: Zadkiel

Name Meaning: Righteousness of God

Colour: Indigo-Blue

Crystal: Tanzanite

Assists with: Forgiveness, Compassion, Emotional Healing, Releasing Karma, Opening to New Ideas, Memory Recall

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